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In the current context, we invite you to consult the websites of the ski areas
for more information on the opening:

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc / Domaine Evasion Mt Blanc: Click here
Domaine Saint-Gervais / Les Houches: Click here



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“Accueil Vélo” is a national brand that guarantees quality welcome and services to cyclists along cycle routes.

The Accueil Vélo certification of the Tourist Office in December 2017 is part of the overall “cycling” strategy of the Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc destination, as is the hosting of major cycling events (Tour de France, the Tour de l’Avenir, the Critérium du Dauphiné or the Tour du Val d’Aoste) and joint investments by the Municipality and the STBMA for mountain biking.

Identify places suitable for cycle tourism

“The national Accueil Vélo brand is set up under the aegis of France Vélo Tourisme by local tourist organizations to provide the best possible welcome to cyclists everywhere in France.” For cycle tourists, “Accueil Vélo” is therefore a label which makes it possible to identify as simply as possible all the establishments and places suitable for cycling tourism. It is, for bicycle travelers, the guarantee of quality to benefit from a welcome and appropriate services throughout the duration of their journey. It is therefore the guarantee for the bicycle tourist to find these establishments at first within 5 km of a cycle route. It is then the assurance of having all the equipment suitable for their mount.

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