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It’s a perfect day to go visit a museum! The “Maison Forte de Hautetour” and the Sacred Art Museum of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce are waiting for you.  To book your entry – click here



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This label launched by the National Council of Flower Towns and Villages, almost 60 years ago, to enhance the flowering of communities, is evolving regularly. Today, he is committed to issues such as tourist attractiveness, respect for the environment, improvement of the living environment, development of the local economy, preservation of social ties and above all the place plants in the layout of public spaces. Saint-Gervais was labeled 1 flower in 1996. As soon as he arrived at the head of the town, the municipal team set out to progress in the label, and his efforts were materialized by a 2nd flower in 2001, a 3rd flower in 2003 and the 4th flower in 2009, renewed every 3 years since that date.

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