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In the current context, we invite you to consult the websites of the ski areas
for more information on the opening:

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc / Domaine Evasion Mt Blanc: Click here
Domaine Saint-Gervais / Les Houches: Click here



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Our partners

The tourist office of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc is proud to represent its partners :

8 Mont Blanc is very proud to be one of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc’s media partners. Historic local television from 2 Savoie, 8 Mont Blanc is today the only local news medium both broadcast on TV on TNT (channel 31) and all operator boxes, on the web and social networks. Local information is available in the form of television news, magazines, documentaries but also many live and delocalized programs, thanks to light and mobile production means, such as those produced in partnership with the teams of Saint- Gervais throughout the year.

8 Mont-Blanc

Subaru – Favret Automobiles

Our partner that also supports us on many events

Favret Automobiles website

Helly Hansen – Chamonix

Helly Hansen dresses us every season and supports us in many events

Helly Hansen website

ZAG Freeride and Hiking Skis

Passion and authenticity are the main values ​​of the ZAG brand. ZAG creates high-performance skis with an innovative design that allow connoisseurs of off-piste to surpass themselves and discover new sensations.


MokaMag is the cultural magazine of 2 Savoie and Geneva. Immerse yourself in the cultural and associative life of our region around a wide range of themes: concert, theater, literature, art, show, festival, conference … 

Moka Mag

MK Sport MK Sport references all sporting events in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Immerse yourself in the sports life of our region around a multitude of subjects: interviews, portraits, reports, travel diaries, portfolios … and an agenda all categories.

MK Sport

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