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It’s a perfect day to go visit a museum! The “Maison Forte de Hautetour” and the Sacred Art Museum of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce are waiting for you.  To book your entry – click here


Enjoy this beautiful weather and go dicover Saint-Gervais Mountain surroundings. For all our hiking ideas – click here .



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Saint-Gervais invite you to experience unforgettable moments of relaxation!

The Thermal Spa of Bains du Mont Blanc is a half-day of relaxation in an exceptional setting. A well-being course in a thousand-year-old thermal water, naturally warm and beneficial. Relaxation workshops, saunas at different temperatures, steam baths, herbal tea and of course indoor and outdoor pools at the foot of the Bonnant gorge. Each workshop retranscribes new experiences: visual, auditory and sensitive. The Bains du Mont Blanc have a holistic approach to well-being that highlights the poetry of the water journey from Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc.

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