On the way to Mont-Joly
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The best Hiking routes in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

When the snow melts and the snow cover gives way to the first traces of greenery, it’s time to put away the snowshoes and put on the hiking boots again! In Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, there are dozens of marked trails for all types of hikers to discover. With them, the majestic alpine landscapes of the Mont-Blanc massif and a fabulous historical and natural heritage.

Discover our hiking itineraries

Are you planning a stay in or around Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc and interested in hiking? Our itineraries are just waiting for you! Accessible to beginners and experienced hikers alike, there are dozens of routes to choose from within the resort. Whether for an hour or a full day, the variety of our trails makes our resort an ideal hiking area for everyone.

Orientation table at Mont d'Arbois
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Green hiking trails (very easy)

For those who have never hiked before, or who simply want to enjoy a lovely Sunday stroll, these hiking routes in Saint-Gervais are the ones you should turn to.

Lasting from 1h to 3h30, the “discovery” routes have been designed for those who want to enjoy the mountains and the benefits of walking without having to make strenuous physical efforts.

Do you have little ones with you? These walks are made for you, especially theItinerary from Le Bettex to Le Prapacot (1h) and the Baroque Trail(1h15).

Blue hiking trails (easy)

At Saint-Gervais, walking enthusiasts are not left out! The “blue” itineraries are slightly more challenging than the green routes. However, they remain easy trails that can be done with the whole family and without difficulty.

Between alpine meadows, the TMB (Tramway du Mont-Blanc), refuges and plateaus, the blue trails are an opportunity to stroll and take a breath of fresh mountain air without necessarily being an assertive walker.

Red hiking trails (medium)

Advanced hikers also have plenty to do. Various hiking routes in Saint-Gervais on and off the trail are accessible to walkers in search of effort and self-improvement! With elevation changes of several hundred meters, steep hiking trails and impressive panoramas, the red routes are only accessible to people in good physical condition who are fit to walk for several hours – up to 8 hours for some trails.


Find your hiking route quickly in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

To make your search easier and help you find THE hike in Saint-Gervais you need, we’ve developed a filter system that you’ll find in the dynamic map.

Difficulty, distance, duration and date, you can combine filters and get the information you need for your future activity! If you’d like more information about a particular trail, please don’t hesitate to contact the Saint-Gervais tourist office: (+33 (0) 4 50 47 76 08).

Discover exceptional panoramas

No matter which route you opt for, grandiose landscapes await you on your hikes in Saint-Gervais. From pine forests to vast alpine meadows, each trail gives way to exceptional views of the Mont-Blanc massif and Mont d’Arbois. Throughout the summer season, let yourself be seduced by the natural beauty that surrounds you, gain access to a natural and historical heritage as rich as it is varied, and fill up on resources by surveying our various hiking itineraries.

The 4 rules to follow before going hiking

This is it. You’ve just found the Saint-Gervais hiking itinerary that’s right for you. You’re ready to set off. But before you do, there are a few safety and etiquette rules you shouldn’t forget! Here they are:

  • Stay on the hiking trails;
  • Think about bringing containers for your garbage;
  • Don’t touch or feed the animals you come across;
  • For the sake of other hikers and the nature around you, avoid making too much noise (loudspeakers, shouting…).

A mountain of hikes to discover

Welcome to a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers in search of breathtaking scenery! Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc opens the doors to an exceptional hiking universe, where majestic peaks and mountain trails invite you to an unforgettable adventure in the heart of nature.

Your most frequently asked questions

Are there any hiking itineraries you can do with the kids?

Yes! There are several short walks that are completely accessible to the younger ones. These are the green itineraries.

What should I pack in my rucksack before setting off on a hike?

Before setting off on a hike, however long it lasts, remember to pack a rucksack in which you’ll put a bottle of water, cereal bars, food (if you plan to picnic), tissues or a small roll of toilet paper, bandages and ointment.

Where to find hiking trails in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc?

There are two schools of thought. For the more traditional, you can take an IGN map, a topoguide and refer to the cairns, piles of stones showing you the way. For the more connected, you can download the GPX map or use the “Cirkwi” application.