Esplanade Marie Paradis
©Boris Molinier

Our best places for a drink

If you’re looking for the most pleasant places to enjoy a drink in our beautiful mountain village, look no further. We’ve put together a top 5 list of places where you can enjoy a relaxing moment with breathtaking views, a drink at the table or a pleasant coffee on the terrace.

Discover the unique atmosphere of BJ's Café in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

Welcome to the world of BJ’s Café, a place where passion for classic cars and good food meet. Named after the legendary Japanese Toyota 4×4, this showroom bar is a timeless gem. Bathed in the atmosphere of superb mechanicals, you can enjoy a quick meal of carefully selected alpine produce, all while savoring a refreshing drink.

Located on the road to Les Contamines, just outside Saint-Gervais, BJ’s Café welcomes you in an authentic atmosphere. Here, flavors come together simply and generously through a selection of tapas, burgers, gourmet plates and boards to share.

BJ’s Café offers much more than just a place to eat. It’s a subtle fusion of the world of the bar, the automobile and a garage. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat on the go, or to take your time from Monday to Saturday, this is the place to be. What’s more, on certain Sunday mornings, you can enjoy café-croissants or live music on certain evenings

BJ’s Café awaits to offer you a unique experience, combining culinary pleasure, friendly atmosphere and automotive passion.

Marie Paradis esplanade in the heart of the village of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

Discover the magic of a summer evening with friends on the Esplanade Marie Paradis in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. As the sun slips gently behind the peaks of the Aravis mountains, this ideally placed terrace becomes the perfect place to relax and savor the unique ambience of our mountain village.

Imagine yourself seated at an open-air table, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains. The Esplanade Marie Paradis offers an enchanting setting for sharing a drink and a laugh with your loved ones. The soft lights create a welcoming atmosphere, while the fresh mountain air envelops you.

L’Esplanade Marie Paradis is a place where memories are created naturally. As the surrounding mountains of the Mont-Blanc massif are tinged with golden reflections at sunset, every moment becomes an opportunity to capture the beauty of the present moment. Laughter, lively discussions and friendly exchanges intertwine to form an unforgettable experience at Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc


Le Bistrot du Mont-Joly a convivial and authentic culinary experience,

A few steps from the Armancette hotel, the Bistrot du Mont-Joly opens its doors to you for a friendly, authentic culinary experience, bathed in traditional Alpine flavors, in the heart of the charming village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce.

The Bistrot du Mont-Joly boasts a spacious terrace, offering a spectacular view of the most beautiful peaks in the Mont-Blanc massif, from the Dômes de Miage to Mont Vorassay via the Aiguille de Bionnassay, this majestic landscape unfolds before your eyes. For some, the Bistrot du Mont-Joly offers one of the most spectacular panoramas in the Alps.

On the restaurant floor, a private lounge awaits you, complete with billiards table, fireplace and terrace.


Drinks in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc each place has its own unique atmosphere

A wide variety of bars

Discover the effervescence of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc’s bars, where a warm atmosphere and convivial moments shared with friends await you. Immerse yourself in a unique nightlife experience in the heart of the Alps, savoring creative cocktails in our festive bars, fine wines and beers brewed locally by Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc artisans.

Whether you want to sip a drink while admiring the surrounding peaks or immerse yourself in the lively nightlife, Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc’s bars invite you to experience emotion-filled evenings in an enchanting setting with a wide variety of establishments, to suit all tastes and desires!

Tennis Club House

Discover the charm of the Saint-Gervais Tennis Club House, a friendly space where passion for tennis and moments of relaxation meet. Nestled in a picturesque setting in the heart of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, this venue offers much more than just tennis courts.

After an exciting game on the courts, unwind in a welcoming environment, perfect for sharing anecdotes with your playing partners or simply relaxing.

Discover a selection of refreshments, from thirst-quenching drinks to gourmet snacks. The ideal place to replay the match, or simply enjoy a drink on the terrace in pleasant surroundings. The Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Tennis Club House invites you to experience moments of friendship and pleasure, in an environment in which sport and relaxation combine harmoniously.