Mont d'Arbois Observatory in Saint-Gervais
©Mont d'Arbois Astronomie

Mont d'Arbois astronomical observatory Discovering the stars

The observatory is located on the ridge of Mont d’Arbois at an altitude of 1800m. It can be reached on foot via the signposted paths that leave from Le Bettex, or by the lifts, from Megève (la Princesse) and Saint-Gervais Mont-blanc (Bettex – Mont d’Arbois).

The observatory is set in an exceptional setting facing the Mont-blanc mountain range. This location offers a 360° panorama, overlooking the villages of Megève and Saint-Gervais Mont-blanc.

The stars remind us that everything in the universe transforms, renews and evolves, and that even the greatest enigmas will eventually give way to our insatiable thirst for knowledge.

A space observatory in the heart of the mountains

The observatory is a high-quality achievement, designed to ensure that comfort and technology make it easy for everyone to come and observe with high-performance tools.

It is made up of two parts:

  • The one dedicated specifically to observation and located in the dome that houses the main telescope. The whole is fully automated, so astrophotography is also possible.
  • The one dedicated to the planetarium, located in the living area, which is then transformed into a projection room. Apart from screenings, the living room provides a pleasant place to spend the nights between the often lengthy shooting sessions and the sometimes rather chilly observation sessions. This space is completed by a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

The observatory is completed by a shelter dedicated to telescopes reserved for observations without computer assistance.

Observations of the sun or sky are regularly conducted here. They take place under the tutelage of association members; the most seasoned supervising beginners or overnight visitors.

An exceptional place to discover

Come and discover the Mont d’Arbois observatory. This exceptional site, in the commune of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, will enable all of you – astronomy enthusiasts, novices or the simply curious – to come and observe the sky in a magical setting. This experience in the heart of the Mont-Blanc region will leave you speechless. You’ll be able to admire galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, with expert commentary from the Mont d’Arbois Astronomy Association. The main aim of the Mont d’Arbois astronomy association is to develop the scientific spirit of volunteers, particularly in the fields of astronomy and cosmology. Come and meet these enthusiasts and share a moment out of time.