Orientation table at Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc
©Boris Molinier

Discover the Orientation course of Saint-Gervais Mont-blanc

Discover adventure in the heart of nature!

Welcome to our page dedicated to orienteering courses in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast, an outdoor discovery enthusiast or simply looking for a fun family experience, our orienteering courses offer a unique way to discover the splendors of our village and its mountains.

In orienteering, if you think you’re lost, you’re on the right path to find something unexpected!

4 orienteering trails to discover

These four orienteering routes will enable you to discover the heritage and natural riches of the Saint-Gervais commune:

  • His thermal park.
  • His Baroque heritage.
  • His mountain pastures.
  • His superb panoramas of the Mont-Blanc massif.

Before starting a route, go to the starting sign. It corresponds to the starting triangle indicated on your map. The routes are punctuated by 8 markers, best discovered in the order shown on your map. Each marker has a number and a question associated with it.

Take the time to immerse yourself in the history, nature and culture of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. Each tag number hides a question that will encourage you to connect more deeply with the environment around you. The answers are not only revelations, but also links to the stories that have shaped this unique place.

Ready for the challenge?

Get ready to discover Saint-Gervais MontèBlanc from a whole new angle. With family, friends or on your own, these orienteering courses promise moments of fun, discovery and wonder in the heart of one of the most picturesque regions in the Alps. Take advantage of this adventure to create lasting memories and sharpen your adventurous spirit. Let yourself be guided, be curious and immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of the Saint-Gervais orienteering courses.

Three reasons to discover orienteering

Adventure and Discovery

Orientation racing offers a unique adventure through diverse natural environments. You have the opportunity to explore forests, mountains, parks and other beautiful places while discovering nooks and crannies you might not otherwise have explored. Each route presents you with new challenges, picturesque landscapes and surprises that make every outing a rewarding adventure experience.

Mental Stimulation

Orientation racing requires a combination of physical and mental skills. You have to read the map carefully, make quick decisions about the best route to take, adjust your plan to the natural elements and solve puzzles to locate markers. It stimulates your mind, improves your problem-solving skills and encourages you to pay attention to your surroundings.

Fitness & Wellness

Orientation running is a complete physical activity. Running or walking over varied terrain, uphill and downhill, stimulates your cardiovascular endurance and strengthens your muscles. Depending on your speed and the difficulty of the course, orienteering can be adapted to different fitness levels.

A complete sporting discipline

Orientation racing is a sporting and recreational discipline that combines navigation, running and puzzle-solving. It generally takes place outdoors, where participants, called orienteers, must find a certain number of markers scattered around a natural environment with the help of a map and compass. This discipline has gained popularity around the world as a competitive sport, but is also enjoyed by many amateurs who love the aspect of discovery and adventure it offers.

Orientation running is a fantastic way to combine physical exercise, nature exploration and mental stimulation. It encourages rapid decision-making, map reading, navigation skills development and improved fitness. Whether for fun, competition or discovery, orienteering offers a unique and stimulating experience.

Whether you’re looking for exciting discoveries, intellectual challenges or an activity that keeps you active outdoors, orienteering can meet these needs in a fun and rewarding way.