Accrobranche in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc
©Boris Molinier

Tree climbing With Mont-Blanc Parc Aventure

Come and discover our accrobranche course that stretches through the treetops, offering a variety of challenges for all levels. Our park is designed with different levels of difficulty, from easy courses for children to more demanding courses for the more adventurous. You’ll be able to choose your own adventure according to your abilities and your desire for thrills.

With suspension bridges, zip lines, footbridges and nets, our accrobranche course invites you to test your agility, balance and team spirit. It’s a unique opportunity to have fun with family, friends or groups!

Mont-Blanc Parc Aventure

Come and discover playful tree courses in the Parc Thermal du Fayet, in a quiet, shady area. In a continuous lifeline: monkey bridges, footbridges, nets, 180 m zip lines. Ideal for the whole family! Find all the information on the website. Discover our different courses adapted to every age: Parcours Bambins (3 to 6 years), Grand Parcours (7 to 14 years) and Adult (15 years and over).

With its varied courses adapted to all levels, accrobranche in Saint-Gervais is the ideal activity for young and old, beginners and experts. Climb from tree to tree, cross suspension bridges, slide down zip lines, and test your agility and balance in a breathtaking alpine setting.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience a memorable adventure. Book your accrobranche session in Saint-Gervais now and get ready to experience moments of emotion, pleasure in the great outdoors. Make your next mountain outing an unforgettable experience with accrobranche in Saint-Gervais!

The different routes

Mont-Blanc Parc aventure offers a variety of accrobranche courses to meet the expectations of all adventurers, from beginners to experts. Here’s an overview of the different courses you can discover during your visit:

Parcours Bambin

This course is specially designed for little adventurers aged 2 to 6. The obstacles are adapted to their size and abilities, providing a fun and safe experience for children. They can climb, slide and have fun in complete confidence, under the attentive supervision of their parents or our supervision team.

Green route

 This course is suitable for budding adventurers and adults looking for a gentle, enjoyable experience.

The obstacles are accessible and allow you to discover the sensations of accrobranche with complete confidence.

Blue course

for thrill-seekers, the Sensation course offers an adrenaline rush with higher, more dynamic obstacles.

Tyrolean traverse, suspension bridges and footbridges promise a captivating adventure.

Red course

This course is reserved for those who like a challenge and daring. The obstacles are more complex, requiring agility and courage to overcome them.

Thrill-seekers will be delighted by the emotions and adrenalin provided.

Black course

Only for expert climbers, the Ultra course is the most demanding in our park. The obstacles require technical mastery and great self-confidence.

This course represents a real challenge for the most seasoned adventurers.

Tyrolean traverse course

For thrill-seekers, our park also features a zip line that takes you over part of the accrobranche course. Glide through the air in complete safety, enjoying a breathtaking view of the surroundings. This activity adds an extra touch of adrenaline to your adventure in the canopy.