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Our best Ski touring itineraries

What if, this year, the resort Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc took you on a tour of the most beautiful ski touring routes? Our resort offers a range of daytime and night-time itineraries suitable for all levels.

The Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc resort – not to be confused with the Saint-Gervais resort – boasts 5 ski touring itineraries. Equally suited to novices and experienced ski tourers, they’re an opportunity for you to discover our resort from a different angle!

With durations ranging from 1h15 to 1h45, vertical drops from +369 meters to +555 meters and varied scenery along the way, our mountain ski itineraries are versatile and promise a memorable outing alone, with friends or with family.

Itinerary Les Communailles - La Croix chairlift

(1410 → 1734 m) 

For hikers looking for exercise, turn to this route. This ski touring route offers a greater positive vertical drop than the others. The same goes for the duration of the route (up to 1h45).

As with the two previous itineraries, this hike is accessible to all levels: its descent is on a blue ski run.

Duration of ascent: 1h30

D+: +460 meters

Difficulty: Novice / Intermediate

Route Le Bettex - Les Monts Rosset chairlift

(1410 → 1734 m) 

This, along with the ski touring route linking Le Bettex to the Alpage de Sous les Freddys, is the quickest to complete. Between forest and slopes, this ski touring route is the ideal way to start the day with a good warm-up. With a D+ (positive vertical drop) of around 370 meters this short hike starts gently before requiring some effort to reach the final Monts Rosset chairlift.

Duration of ascent: 1h15

D+: +370 meters

Difficulty: Novice / Intermediate

Route Le Bettex - Alpage de Sous les Freddys

(1410 → 1754 m) 

Like the ski touring itinerary linking Le Bettex to the Monts Rosset chairlift, this route starts gently and is accessible to all, even the youngest (provided they have a minimum level of fitness). Both the ascent of this ski touring route and its descent on the green piste are relatively easy.

Duration of ascent: 1 h 15

D+: +385 meters

Difficulty: Novice / Intermediate

Would you like to try a night ski touring itinerary? Set off on the Les Communailles - Sommet du Joux route

(1423 → 1958 m) 

For the bravest and most experienced, the Mont-Blanc St Gervais resort offers a night-time ski touring itinerary. Every Tuesday and Friday during the winter season, the route from Les Communailles to the summit of Le Joux is open from 5pm to 9pm. An opportunity for the more adventurous to experience night ski touring!

Duration of ascent: 1h45 to 2h

D+: +550 meters

Difficulty: Intermediate / advanced

Ski touring : A new and fun way to ski

Have you never tried ski touring or “mountain skiing”? This year will probably be the one for you. Take a morning or an afternoon to discover the joys of the sport. You’re still wondering why you should even try it once?

  • You’ll discover and enjoy breathtaking scenery.
  • You’ll get a gentle cardio workout, without even realizing it.
  • You’ll share a convivial moment with your loved ones.
  • You’ll have an unforgettable experience and will probably want to try it again.

Your most frequently asked questions

Is a minimum level of skiing required to be able to do one of the resort’s ski touring itineraries?

Yes and no. Our daytime itineraries are accessible to all. They take place on green or blue runs. However, a minimum physical condition is required: you must be able to walk for at least 1h15.

Can children take part?

From a certain age, yes (around 12). But most of the time, children prefer to hurtle down the slopes rather than climb them!

What equipment do I need to rent?

The equipment for ski touring is not the same as for downhill skiing. Before you tackle one of our 4 trails, remember to rent the right equipment. See stores torent touring skis.

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