Sledging in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc
©Boris Molinier

Snow activities Everything you need to play in the snow!

Discover Snow Activities in Saint-Gervais: Enjoy Snow Sports in the Mountains Welcome to Saint-Gervais, your must-visit destination for unforgettable winter adventures! Explore our vast selection of snow activities that will delight snow sports enthusiasts of all levels.

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc also offers a myriad of activities such as tobogganing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and much more. Let us make your winter holiday a memorable one. Join us today and make the most of your winter vacation in Saint-Gervais.

Your mountain adventure awaits! A unique igloo experience

Igloo building, followed by a convivial meal in this traditional snow shelter. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of snow-capped mountains and share an unforgettable moment with your loved ones over a warm meal, in the heart of an igloo you’ve built yourself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an extraordinary day building your own igloo and enjoying an authentic meal in an enchanting setting. Book today with Aperigloo and get ready for an unforgettable experience, rich in emotions and memories.

Proper equipment for playing in the snow

Choosing the right clothing

To stay warm and dry, opt for clothing designed specifically for winter activities. Layered clothing is generally recommended: a base layer to wick away perspiration, an insulating layer to retain heat and a waterproof, windproof outer layer to protect you from snow and wind.

Choosing the right shoes

Boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to playing in the snow. Choose warm, waterproof winter boots with good grip on snow and ice. Make sure your footwear is well insulated to keep your feet warm, even in cold weather.