The Mont Blanc baths
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Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc thermal baths

Nested in the heart of the Parc Thermal, the Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc offer you an unforgettable experience of relaxation and unwinding! Enjoy half a day of pure wellbeing thanks to a relaxing course in thermal water unique in Europe, naturally warm and soothing.

Lax out in the saunas and hammams, savor a variety of herbal teas and plunge into the indoor and outdoor pools, at the foot of the magnificent Bonnant Gorge. Enveloped by the peaceful setting of the Parc Thermal, the Thermes de Saint-Gervais promise you an unforgettable moment of relaxation! Each workshop has unique experiences in store to awaken your senses, whether visual, auditory or sensory.

Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Centuries of existence

The history of the Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc dates back to antiquity, when the therapeutic virtues of thermal waters were discovered in the region. The thermal springs of Saint-Gervais have been renowned for their health benefits for centuries.

Over time, the Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc have evolved to offer modern facilities and innovative treatments while preserving the traditional character of the spa treatment. The site has also become a destination of choice for lovers of well-being and relaxation.

Today, the Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc continue to attract visitors in search of relaxation and well-being, offering a unique setting in the heart of the Mont-Blanc mountains.

History of the Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

The existence of the thermal baths is mentioned as early as the 14ᵉ century, but their popularity as a spa resort really took off in the 19ᵉ century. At that time, celebrities and European aristocracy would travel to Saint-Gervais to enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters. The spa became a popular destination for treatment of a variety of ailments, including dermatological, rheumatological and respiratory problems.

3 reasons Visit the thermal baths

Unforgettable relaxation experience

The Thermes de Saint-Gervais offer an unforgettable relaxation experience in the heart of the majestic Mont-Blanc mountains. Here, you can immerse yourself in millennia-old thermal waters, naturally warm and soothing, for deep, rejuvenating relaxation.

The wellness trail on offer, including relaxation workshops, saunas, steam rooms and indoor and outdoor pools offering breathtaking views, will enable you to escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries in an unspoilt natural setting.

Recognized therapeutic benefits

The thermal waters of Saint-Gervais are renowned for their healing properties. Rich in minerals and trace elements, they are beneficial for relieving a variety of ailments such as dermatological, rheumatological and respiratory problems.

Taking advantage of the treatments and care offered at the Thermes de Saint-Gervais can help improve your overall well-being and ease certain physical pains or discomforts.

An idyllic setting

Located in an exceptional natural setting at the foot of Mont Blanc, the Thermes de Saint-Gervais offer a green setting conducive to relaxation. You’ll be able to unwind in unspoilt surroundings, breathe in the pure mountain air and enjoy moments of calm and serenity.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway on your own, as a couple or with friends, or to complement your sporting break in the Alps, the Thermes de Saint-Gervais promises a rejuvenating experience in the heart of nature.


Once in Saint-Gervais, the Thermes are generally within easy reach of the town center or train station, whether on foot, by cab or shuttle bus. If you have your own vehicle, you can reach the Thermes de Saint-Gervais via the freeway.

Also, the Thermes are in the direct vicinity of the Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le Fayet train station, which is well served by trains from various cities, including Geneva, Annecy and Chamonix.

Good to know

  • Booking: It’s generally advisable to book your visit to the Thermes in advance, especially during busy periods.
  • Duration of visit: Allow plenty of time to take full advantage of the facilities and treatments on offer at the Thermes.
  • Care and treatments : The Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc offer a wide range of treatments.
  • Opening times: Check the Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc opening times before your visit.