La Montagn'Hard
©Arnaud Lesueur

La Montagn'Hard An ultra trail in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

Take up the Montagn’hard challenge. From 25 to 100km, several trails are on offer for amateurs or the most experienced among you.

Discover one of the world’s toughest ultra-trails!

An exceptional trail event

Starts and finishes are located in Saint-Nicolas de Véroce, a charming village facing Mont-Blanc. In a unique setting, you’ll take on the steep slopes of Alpine country.

This eco-responsible competition takes you on the mythical trails of Mont-Blanc country, passing through the Beaufortain. Exceptional scenery awaits you. A 360° view is offered: the Mont-Blanc range and its glaciers, the Fis range, the Aravis range.

Friendliness and surpassing oneself are the watchwords of this event. Don’t hesitate any longer and come and take part in this exceptional trail.

What’s an ultra-trail?

An ultra-trail is a form of ultra-marathon that takes place in a natural environment, often over mountainous or rugged terrain. It’s a long-distance foot race that generally exceeds the traditional marathon distance. Ultra-trail races vary in distance, but can cover distances ranging from a few dozen kilometers to several hundred.

La Mini'hard 27km and 2000d+.
La Mi'hard 50 km and 3,800d+.
La Moins'hard 70km and 5400d+.
La Montagn'hard 108 km and 8,200d+ climb