Rencontres Musiques et Patrimoines
©Boris Molinier

The Mont Blanc Music and Heritage Festival

Every year, the village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce hosts the music and heritage festival. Come and enjoy numerous artists and their chamber music. This not-to-be-missed event in Val Montjoie promises unforgettable encounters. On the program: a concert in the baroque church of Véroce, a musical hike facing Mont-Blanc, entertainment for the whole family. Young and old alike can enjoy the entire festival program.

Come and discover or rediscover our region’s heritage while sharing your passion for music. In the heart of this unique village, you’ll enjoy an incredible experience.

An Unmissable Summer Celebration

Welcome to the page dedicated to the Festival de Musique et Patrimoine de Saint-Nicolas de Véroce, a unique cultural event that enriches the summers of our charming commune of Saint-Gervais. Immerse yourself in an exceptional musical experience in the heart of a picturesque setting and explore the region’s rich heritage, all rolled into one captivating festival.

Every summer, Saint-Nicolas de Véroce lights up during the Festival de Musique et Patrimoine, a cultural event that attracts music lovers and heritage enthusiasts from all walks of life. Alpine lanes and historic buildings are transformed into vibrant stages where classical and contemporary music resonates in enchanting fashion.

Distinguished and varied concerts

The festival offers a diverse program of concerts featuring renowned national and international artists. From intimate evenings of chamber music to grandiose open-air concerts, each event is carefully designed to offer an exceptional musical experience. Melodies intertwine with the beauty of the Alpine landscape, creating a harmony that resonates long in the hearts of festival-goers.

Discovering Local Heritage

In addition to the music, the Festival de Musique et Patrimoine also offers a unique opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce. Guided tours are organized to explore the architectural treasures of the village’s Baroque church, traditional chalets and historic sites that tell the captivating story of the region.

Cultural Encounters

The festival isn’t just about music and heritage, it also fosters encounters between festival-goers, artists and locals. Convivial moments such as book signings, musical workshops and discussions with artists add a valuable human dimension to the event.

Participating in the Festival

The Festival de Musique et Patrimoine de Saint-Nicolas de Véroce is open to all lovers of music, culture and history. Every year, it attracts visitors from near and far to enjoy a unique experience in this enchanting setting. Tickets can be booked online in advance, as the event generates great enthusiasm.