Ski touring weekend in Saint-Gervais
©Hugo Guillerez

Ski touring weekend in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

The Saint-Gervais ski touring weekend is a great way to discover or rediscover this sport. A free initiation is offered, in small groups supervised by professionals from the compagnie des guides de Saint-Gervais/Les Contamines. However, a decent level of downhill skiing is recommended (red runs, skiing on different types of snow).

Come and discover the ski touring equipment exhibition on the Bettex snow front. You’ll be able to try out equipment from the most popular brands in Mont Blanc country: ZAG skis, Bois Tardy skis. You’ll also be able to ski in complete safety on marked itineraries with a splendid view of the Mont-Blanc chain.

Ski touring is the art of climbing summits to touch the stars with our spatulas, and on the way down, leaving our mark on the virgin snow, leaving behind us ephemeral traces of freedom.

Ski touring: explore wild, isolated terrain

Ski touring is a winter activity that combines ascending on foot or using sealskins attached under the skis to adhere to the snow, followed by a descent on off-piste skis. It’s a discipline that requires both physical endurance and downhill skiing skills.

The principle of ski touring is to be able to explore wild, isolated terrain, often far from marked ski runs and resorts. Touring skiers seek sensations of freedom and communion with nature, traveling far from crowds and lifts.

The equipment used for ski touring differs slightly from that for traditional alpine skiing. Touring skis are generally lighter and have special bindings that release the heel for ascent and lock it for descent. Sealskins, usually made of mohair or synthetic, are attached under the skis to facilitate ascent by offering a better grip on the snow.

Touring skiing offers unique and rewarding experiences, allowing mountain enthusiasts to discover breathtaking landscapes and experience moments of communion with nature, while practicing their favorite sport.


Safety first

Ski touring ascents can be made on marked resort routes or on wild mountain routes, depending on the skier’s level of experience. Safety is a crucial aspect of ski touring, as skiers operate outside the controlled zones of ski resorts. It is therefore essential to be equipped with safety gear such as an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe, as well as knowledge of avalanche safety techniques.


Let yourself be tempted by our Ski touring weekend

Test The best equipment of our partners
Perfecting your Ski touring free of charge
Take advantage of supervised outing by guides

A free event, for everyone

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc takes you on a free ski touring discovery! Discover the joys of ski touring in complete safety and simplicity, with several introductory ski touring sessions with the Compagnie des Guides. Learn about safety in our research workshops, and test out the latest equipment. An event organized in partnership with : ZAG skis, Scarpa, la société de secours du Val Montjoie, les Thermes de Saint-Gervais, La Compagnie des guides Saint-Gervais/Les Contamines and the Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc ski area.

Practical information

  • Two departures per day.
  • Free activities.
  • Skis and boots on loan, subject to availability.
  • Registration required at the Tourist Office.