Ascent to Nid d'Aigle
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The ascent of the Eagle's Nest The Montée du Nid d'Aigle, France's only Mountain Running World Cup stage!

Since 1986… A history at the foot of Mont Blanc

The Nid d’Aigle climb has been part of Saint Gervais Mont Blanc’s heritage for decades. With a course identical to its beginnings, the race has become a must for mountain running specialists.

The Course du Nid d’Aigle is a Classic. A mountain race that has been undulating on the slopes of Mont-Blanc since before the word Trail existed. An event that is neither old nor new, but of the eternal school. To run it is to honor the tradition of the pioneers. The real ones. Those of the génépi-saucisson-Beaufort diet. And winning its 33ᵉ edition is an immense source of pride.

Baptiste Chassagne, winner of the 2019 edition.

The ascent of the eagle's nest An epic race

From yesterday to today, this climb offers an arrival at the gateway to the Mont – Blanc access route used by mountaineers. The descent with the inevitable Tramway du Mont-Blanc à crémaillère is a distinctive feature of this historic race.

The race is also the time when the 250 assiduous volunteers get together for this popular summer festival. Marked by true authenticity and simplicity, the Montée du Nid d’Aigle is held on the 3rd weekend of July.

The Montée du Nid d’Aigle is a fairly emblematic mountain race. The Nid d’Aigle is a starting point for the ascent of Mont-Blanc. The race involves climbing a steep slope from Le Fayet to Le Nid d’Aigle at considerable altitude, making it a demanding physical challenge for participants. The event attracts passionate mountain runners and elite athletes from all over the world.

Race records

Women's record

2:00:31 -NJERU Joyce Muthoni – 2022

Men's record

1:38:54- KIPNGENO Patrick – 2022

What is mountain running?


Operate in the mountains on marked courses suitable for running. There are 3 disciplines:

  • Dry climbing
  • Classic short distance between 10 and 20 km
  • Long distance from 20 to 45 km


  • French Cups
  • French Championships
  • World Cup Circuit
  • European Championships
  • World Championships
  • National: FFA
  • Internationally: WMRA (World Mountain Running Association)


  • No poles allowed.
  • Very close refreshment points so you don’t have to carry a bag.
  • No compulsory equipment, T-shirt, sneakers are enough.
Race data sheet "A temporarily unprecedented edition

The Montée du Nid d’Aigle 2024 will take place on a new course (the same as the 2023 edition)… Following work to extend the Mont Blanc Tramway track to the Refuge Nid d’Aigle, the famous finish at the foot of the latter will not be possible for this 36ᵉ edition. For this reason, a new route, just as beautiful and demanding, will be set up.

Runners will then take the Tramway du Mont-Blanc, France’s highest cog railway, back to Saint Gervais to attend the prize-giving ceremony in the heart of the village.



Location: Saint-Gervais Les-Bains, 74170

Start: Parc Thermal du Fayet – Altitude 596 m

Arrival: Bellevue – Altitude 1800 m


Distance: 20 KM

Positive ascent: 1850D+

Negative ascent: 650D-


Refreshments on the course :

3 food refreshments

4 water refreshments


Tolerated at refuelling stations only

– 10m before – 10 m after.

If refuelling OUTSIDE THE REFUELLING ZONE > disqualification.


No equipment required (except Extreme Conditions).

Sticks prohibited (except hiking).

No bag.


Checkpoints are positioned along the course.

Race and ride closers will pull up check sheets to verify the passage of all riders.