Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc view of Mont-Blanc
©Hugo Guillerez
Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Quality Tourism destination

The tourism quality mark

The Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Tourist Office makes every effort to respond professionally to the demands of its partners and its national and international visitors. Since September 2013, L’Office de Tourisme has been awarded the QUALITÉ TOURISME mark.

The QUALITE TOURISME mark created by the French Ministry in charge of tourism, is recognition of the continuous improvement approaches to service quality put in place by Tourist Offices.

The Quality Tourism approach in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Tourist Office

Through the QUALITE TOURISME approach, the Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Tourist Office is committed to serving its visitors by:

  • Improving the accessibility and visibility of the Tourist Office.
  • Ensure a warm, personalized welcome, thanks to competent, trained staff at your service.
  • Guarantee the cleanliness and comfort of the premises.
  • Optimize the management and provision of tourist information within the tourist office.


The brand Tourism Quality What is it?

“Qualité Tourisme” is a quality mark created by the French Ministry in charge of tourism to promote and distinguish tourism companies and establishments committed to offering high-quality services to travelers. This mark aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the French tourism industry by improving the welcome and satisfaction of visitors. Here is some important information about the “Qualité Tourisme” mark:



The main aim of the “Qualité Tourisme” mark is to identify and promote those players in the French tourism sector who strive to provide top-quality services. This helps to enhance France’s reputation as a leading tourist destination.

Sectors concerned

The “Qualité Tourisme” mark covers a wide range of tourism businesses and establishments, including hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist offices, tourist sites, leisure activities, spas, campsites and many others.

Quality criteria

To obtain the “Qualité Tourisme” mark, businesses must meet strict quality and service criteria. These criteria vary according to the type of tourist activity, but generally cover aspects such as welcome, cleanliness, staff training, customer satisfaction, accessibility and respect for the environment.

Certification procedure

Companies and establishments wishing to obtain the “Qualité Tourisme” mark must undergo a certification process. This generally involves an independent assessment of their performance and compliance with established quality criteria.

Benefits for Travelers

For travelers, the “Qualité Tourisme” mark is a guarantee of confidence. It guarantees that establishments and services meet high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Travelers can thus choose reliable, quality tourism service providers.

Promoting Excellence

The “Qualité Tourisme” brand encourages players in the tourism sector to constantly improve their performance and strive for excellence. This contributes to the overall improvement of the tourism industry in France.