Les Bains du Mont-Blanc
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Take advantage of Mont Blanc baths, day and night

Thermal water spa

Awaken your senses to a transcendent experience, where nature and tradition blend to create an unforgettable getaway at Les Bains du Mont-Blanc, nestled within the majestic Thermes de Saint-Gervais. Immerse yourself in a relaxing adventure where pure thermal water, lush pools, the “Forest Under the Rain,” saunas and steam rooms, and a soothing tisanerie all come together to offer you an incomparable wellness experience.


The Magic of Thermal Waters Incomparable Specificity

Les Thermes de Saint-Gervais are the hidden treasure of the Alps, renowned for their mineral-rich thermal waters for centuries. Our thermal waters are naturally warm and loaded with minerals, creating a natural source of healing and well-being. This uniqueness makes Les Bains du Mont-Blanc a unique place for those seeking to relax, revitalize their minds and comfort their bodies.

Les Bains du Mont-Blanc is much more than just a spa – it’s a gateway to a total wellness experience. Thermal water, pools and equipment combine to create a journey between relaxation and regeneration.

Indoor and outdoor pools Harmony with Nature

Imagine yourself immersed in hot water, surrounded by the majesty of the Alpine mountains. At Les Bains du Mont-Blanc, this vision becomes reality. Our facilities include a variety of pools, both indoor and outdoor, each with its own distinct charm. The outdoor pools allow you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the spa park, with panoramic views of a lush alpine forest clinging to the walls of the Bonnant Gorge.

The indoor pools, meanwhile, are designed to create a soothing ambience with their subdued lighting and modern architecture. Immerse yourself in these soothing waters and feel the tensions of everyday life melt away like snow in the sun.

The Rainforest A Mystical Escape

One of the jewels in the crown of Les Bains du Mont-Blanc is the magical, mysterious space known as “La Forêt Sous la Pluie.” Imagine walking through a dedicated space reminiscent of an enchanted forest, where a gentle mist of pure thermal water falls gently from the sky. This space is designed to reconnect you with nature and immerse you in a unique sensory experience.

Under the soothing effect of the thermal rain, you can meditate, recharge your batteries and feel a deep harmony with the surrounding nature. “La Forêt Sous la Pluie” is an invitation to introspection, relaxation and regeneration.

About... Thermal spring water

Natural origin and abundant minerals

Thermal water is naturally occurring groundwater that emerges from the earth’s surface at higher temperatures than normal water. It is generally loaded with minerals, such as sulfur, calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are dissolved from the rocks and soil through which it flows. These minerals give thermal spring water its healing and beneficial properties.

Therapeutic properties

Thermal spring water has been renowned for its therapeutic properties for centuries. It is used in a variety of medical applications, including relieving joint and muscle pain, treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, improving blood circulation, and alleviating stress and anxiety.

Benefits for the Skin and Relaxation

Thermal spring water is widely used in the cosmetics industry for its benefits to the skin. It is gentle, soothing and moisturizing, making it a common ingredient in skin care products such as lotions, creams and sprays. Thermal water is also often used in spas and wellness centers for relaxation treatments, such as thermal baths.

Saunas and Hammams A moment of warmth and purification

For an even deeper experience, discover our saunas and hammams. These traditional facilities allow you to detoxify your body, soothe your muscles and purify your mind. The soothing heat of the saunas and invigorating mist of the hammams are designed to give you an invigorating experience.

Take time to relax in these spaces and let stress melt away, while stimulating your blood circulation and eliminating toxins. A visit to the saunas and hammams at Bains du Mont-Blanc leaves you with a feeling of lightness and clarity.

The icing on the cake: The spa's herbal tea room The Art of Complete Relaxation

After a day of relaxation and well-being, head to our tisanerie to complete your experience. Discover a selection of teas and tisanes carefully chosen for their soothing properties. Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage in a peaceful setting, where time seems to slow down.

Our tisanerie is the ideal place to extend your relaxation, chat with friends or simply immerse yourself in a captivating book. It’s the perfect complement to your day at the Bains du Mont-Blanc.

come and enjoy SPA Thermal by night

At the end of a day spent on the ski slopes or simply for some night-time relaxation, discover the Thermal Spa experience in the evening and enjoy a moment of relaxation under the starry sky.

What could be more pleasant than a session of relaxation and muscle recovery, immersed in the naturally warm waters of Mont Blanc, while you contemplate the stars above you.

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