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Chapel du Champel

Historic site and monument, Religious heritage, Chapel, Baroque in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
  • Located on the ancient Roman Road travelling to the Voza Pass, the hamlet of Champel occupies a strategic position facing the
    area of Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce.

  • The architecture of the chapel is simple and massive, with an openwork wooden bell tower and beautiful cross vaults. The façade, protected by wide eaves, is blind except for the entrance door framed by granite jambs. Often refurbished, this chapel has now lost its old décor for a more functional, streamlined presentation, brightened up by two colourful contemporary stained-glass windows.
  • History, culture and heritage
    The first chapel was built in 1661 by Pierre Rosset's family, but it soon fell into ruin and had to be rebuilt in 1700. It is dedicated to Notre Dame and Saint Barthélémy, one of Jesus' twelve apostles.
    According to the Golden Legend, written in the 13th century, the latter was flayed alive.
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    • French
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