Village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce
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Saint-Nicolas de Véroce an unspoilt mountain village

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce – An Alpine gem

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce, nestled in the heart of the majestic Mont-Blanc massif mountains, is a must-see destination to discover during your stay in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc.

Rich with a thousand-year-old history, this typical Haut-Savoyard village offers visitors an authentic experience, between cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes.


Between History and Heritage

Promove into this charming village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce and let yourself be transported back in time. Centuries-old churches, such as the 11th-century Church of Saint-Nicolas, reflect the typical architecture of mountain religious buildings. Don’t miss the chapelle de Véroce, a picturesque religious building perfectly preserved.

Admire the church’s frescoes and stained glass windows telling biblical stories and local scenes. The wooden chalets, with their flower-filled balconies, recall the traditional dwellings of the valley’s inhabitants. A journey back in time that will immerse you in the fascinating history of this charming mountain village.

Finally, stroll and breathe in the pure mountain air while enjoying spectacular views of the Dômes de Miage, the Bionnassay mountain range and the other peaks of the Val-Montjoie.

An ideal playground Hiking, mountain biking, orienteering...

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce offers a plethora of activities for lovers of nature and wide open spaces. Hikers will be delighted by the many marked trails, offering spectacular panoramas of the snow-capped peaks of Mont-Blanc and the Val Montjoie. Mountain bike enthusiasts will be able to set off on various itineraries, between forests and alpine pastures.

Starting from the Plateau de la Croix, why not attempt the ascent of Mont-Joly, Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc’s emblematic peak culminating at 2525 meters above sea level!

And don’t forget a detour to the local mountain pastures, such as the ferme de véroce, where you’ll find numerous cheeses and dairy products produced directly on site!

Fantastic gastronomy

The village of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce is a fantastic place when it comes to mountain flavors. Local restaurants showcase local produce and regional specialities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sample the famous raclette, fondue and tartiflette accompanied by local charcuterie, but Saint-Nicolas is also a village in which you have the chance to sample extremely refined cuisine with a gastronomic restaurant unique!”

Finally, the region’s cheeses available directly from the producer (like Tomme de Savoie, for example) will delight gourmets in search of authentic delights.

Why visit Saint-Nicolas de Véroce?

An authentic village with crazy charm

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce is a true Alpine gem, untouched by the hustle and bustle of tourism. It’s the ideal place to get away from it all and recharge your batteries in an enchanting natural setting.

A destination To recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce is an ideal location for those seeking a soothing stay in the heart of nature, in a mountain village where serenity reigns.

A natural setting facing Mont-Blanc

Saint-Nicolas de Véroce is ideally located at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif, offering privileged access and views of some of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps.

A festival Music & Heritage in Saint-Nicolas de Véroce

A festival rooted in its village, with the unshakeable ambition of combining human heritage and live music in unusual, natural settings. Carefully selected musicians share emotions and wonders for the soul and ears, in the baroque church of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce.

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