Mont-Blanc tramway
©Boris Molinier

A day's skiing in the Les Houches Saint-Gervais ski area with the Tramway du Mont-Blanc

Ski day at the foot of Mont Blanc

Discover the Exceptional Ski Experience at Saint-Gervais / Les Houches: Tramway, Majestic Summits, Gourmet Pleasures and Legendary Kandahar. An unforgettable day on the slopes in the French Alps!

Heading for the summits! The adventure begins here

Your exceptional adventure in the Saint-Gervais / Les Houches ski area begins as soon as you set foot in the Saint-Gervais or Le Fayet Tramway station. En route to a memorable day’s skiing, get ready for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, starting with a ride on the Tramway du Mont-Blanc to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

Excitement builds right from the start, as you board the tramway: its retro look (albeit refurbished) combined with a touch of nostalgia, evokes a time when travel itself was an adventure. The ascent to the heights of the resort is an experience in itself, immersing you in the spectacular nature that surrounds you, starting with the breathtaking view of the Aiguille de Bionnassay and its glacier.

Once you arrive, an equally impressive view of the Chamonix valley opens up, overlooked by its world-famous needles, starting with the Aiguille du Midi.


Skiing and views towards Le Prarion

Once you’re on the slopes, the real show begins. Let yourself be seduced by the fluid glide down perfectly prepared slopes. The vast Saint-Gervais / Les Houches ski area stretches out before you, offering a variety of runs for every skill level. Beginners feel at home on the gentle slopes, while seasoned skiers take on daring descents.

When you reach the summit of Le Prarion, the panorama stretching to the horizon is simply breathtaking. The majestic mountains of the French Alps stand proud, covered in a glistening blanket of snow. Take a moment to soak up nature’s grandeur and capture the moment in a photo. Know that the Prarion summit is much more than a viewpoint: it’s the starting point for a multitude of adventures, from varied trails to grandiose panoramas.

The majestic Prarion summit is not simply a high point, but rather an ideal spot to discover a breathtaking panorama. Reaching this summit after a chairlift ascent, you find yourself on top of the world, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and deep blue skies. This breathtaking panoramic view stretches to the horizon, leaving you speechless in the face of mountain beauty, at the crossroads between Val Montjoie and the Chamonix valley.

Sun and snow discovering high-altitude restaurants

At lunchtime, the sun shines high in the sky, creating an idyllic setting for a gourmet break. It’s the perfect opportunity to head to “La Cha”, a high-altitude restaurant that combines culinary delights with breathtaking panoramic views. Make yourself comfortable inside the cosy mountain chalet or on the sunny terrace, and let yourself be seduced by the region’s tasty and authentic cuisine.

The fresh mountain air stimulates your senses as you savor dishes concocted with care, highlighting local ingredients and Alpine flavors. The blend between the exquisite taste of each bite and the breathtaking view creates an unforgettable culinary experience, rooted in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

End the day on a high note

Skiing on the legendary Kandahar mountain

To round off your day on a high note, treat yourself to the ultimate adventure on the slopes by embarking on the legendary Kandahar run. Designed for seasoned skiers looking for an adrenaline rush, this iconic run challenges you with its technical character and daring slopes.

The excitement builds as you prepare to descend the Kandahar. The feeling of freedom that accompanies every turn and slide is incomparable. As you descend this slope steeped in history, you follow in the footsteps of the world-famous skiers who have challenged these demanding slopes.

Your ski day at Saint-Gervais / Les Houches is much more than just a sporting experience. It’s a day where every moment is an adventure, every descent an emotion and every panorama a wonder. It’s a total immersion in the beauty of the Alps, a celebration of skiing, nature and gourmet pleasures. Come and enjoy this unique experience that brings together the passion of skiing, the majesty of the mountains and the charm of Alpine tradition. A day at Saint-Gervais / Les Houches is an adventure in its own right, an unforgettable getaway to the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps.