Off-piste skiing in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc
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The best freeride spots in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

The off-piste skiing experience at Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

Near Chamonix, the Mecca of freeride skiing, Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc offers a completely different approach to off-piste skiing: here everyone can be introduced to the joys of powder. From playful, accessible spots to committed descents, the mountain offers a multitude of possibilities, in any case, it’s best to be accompanied by a guide to survey the descents offered by the area, not forgetting the safety equipment.


Off-track #1 Shoulder The off-road of agriculture

Drive to the summit of l’Épaule, on the Saint-Nicolas de Véroce side, and begin your off-piste journey with an epic exploration of l’Épaule, also known as the Agriculture off-piste. This descent offers a unique experience, both challenging and captivating.

Located high above the Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc ski area, l’Épaule is an off-piste area that attracts skiers looking for steep terrain, deep powder and breathtaking panoramas. This descent takes you into a valley facing Mont-Blanc, imbued with raw natural beauty, where the mountain reveals its true splendor.

When you descend l’Épaule, you’ll feel in perfect harmony with nature. Dense relief and pristine landscapes surround you, making you feel like you’re the only skier on the mountain. The winding turns, steep slopes and fresh snow under your spatulas give you a feeling of pure adrenalin. It’s an experience that reminds you why you chose backcountry skiing.

Off-road #2 Mont-Joly The pearl of the off-piste

Located at an altitude of 2525 metres, Mont-Joly is a hidden treasure for off-piste skiing enthusiasts. This mountain offers an exceptional experience thanks to its vast snow-covered slopes, long and varied descents, and breathtaking panoramas of Mont-Blanc.

The descent from Mont-Joly is an adventure that takes you through spectacular scenery. You’ll plunge into fields of pristine powder, traverse forests of tiny firs and ski over ridges that seem to touch the sky. It’s a place where mountain magic comes into its own.

When fresh snow blankets Mont-Joly, it becomes a paradise for off-piste skiers. However, bear in mind that the weather can play Russian roulette here, with significant exposure to the sun. For a safe experience and to maximize enjoyment, it’s highly recommended to be accompanied by an experienced guide. The wisdom of following the advice of a professional cannot be overstated.

Don’t forget to bring along an IGN map to get a clear overview of practicable routes, especially if your intention is to descend as far as Le Planay, where cliffs are present on the route downstream. Knowledge of the terrain is essential to avoid the many potential pitfalls.

Hors piste #3 The princess's forest A woodland adventure

If you’re looking for a unique off-piste experience, the Forêt de la Princesse is the place to be. This undergrowth descent offers you the perfect mix of turns between trees, light snow and tranquility.

The Princesse Forest is a true paradise for skiers who like to challenge their technical skills. You’ll weave through the trees, slalom between the trunks and feel a real sense of freedom in the midst of nature. It’s a magical experience that takes you back to the very essence of backcountry skiing.

Now let us take you to the mystical Princess Forest, an ideal place for beginners looking for a safe and generally well-snowed backcountry experience. Nestled just to the right of the Étudiants ski lift, this forest offers the perfect introduction to off-piste skiing.

To access this little piece of paradise, cross the lively terrace of La Folie Douce, pass under the rope, and plunge into the slope. You’ll marvel at the tranquility and beauty of this place. Although often visited, the Forêt de la Princesse remains one of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc’s best-kept secrets.

Our top tips... For a perfect descent!

Come with us... with an official guide

It is strongly recommended to be accompanied by an experienced guide. Local guides know the terrain perfectly and can ensure a safe experience.

Come equipped... with safety equipment

Make sure you have the necessary equipment. Safety equipment including an Arva (Avalanche Rescue Locator), shovel and probe is essential for your safety.

Evaluate Weather Conditions and avalanche risk

Before venturing off-piste, be sure to check weather conditions and avalanche forecasts. Safety must always be your priority.

Off-road #4 Sous la Terrasse de la Folie Douce Where Feast Meets Ski

Finally, let’s talk about a little-known off-piste that will amaze you in many ways, located in one of the region’s busiest spots. To access this hidden treasure, follow the path through La Folie Douce, pass under the rope and launch yourself. You’ll discover a unique off-piste, often overlooked by the crowds.

This descent ends smoothly by rejoining Communailles via the connecting path. However, beware, Communailles is actually a dead end! Take precautions and make sure you know the terrain well to avoid any surprises.

For an off-piste experience with a touch of glamour and excitement, head for the incredible terrain below the Folie Douce terrace. This unique venue combines the passion of off-piste skiing with the party atmosphere of one of the hippest resorts in the Alps.

Under the Folie Douce terrace, you’ll discover a variety of descents suitable for all levels of off-piste skiers. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for everyone. After a day of exploring, relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere at La Folie Douce, where music, dancing and great food await.

Never forget the importance of safety

Never forget the importance of safety when skiing off-piste. Equip yourself properly, follow the advice of an experienced guide and respect mountain safety rules. That way, you can explore these magnificent off-piste areas with complete peace of mind.