Family skiing
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The ideal ski area for the whole family

A Paradise for Families

The EVASION ski area of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc is a dream destination for unforgettable family vacations. Here, every moment is an adventure to be shared, with young and old alike delighted at the foot of Mont-Blanc. Discover how our ski area becomes the ideal playground for families, offering adapted beginner areas, friendly ski schools, lively fun zones and safe green and blue ski runs, all in an exceptional natural setting, facing the snow-capped mountains of the massif.


The Mont d'Arbois "Les Marmottons" beginners' area A beginners' area at the top of the ski area

This area, specially designed for beginners in search of fun and discovery, offers a breathtaking panorama of the majestic Mont-Blanc range. Accessible via the Bettex-Mont d’Arbois gondola, which transports you comfortably to an altitude of 1840 meters, this space promises a progressive, entertaining and memorable skiing experience for the whole family.

For the youngest to discover the joys of skiing in complete safety, there’s nothing like the Espace Débutant du Mont d’Arbois, nicknamed “Les Marmottons”. Here, toddlers are introduced to the thrill of the slopes in an environment specially designed for them. Gentle slopes, conveyor belts and specially adapted facilities guarantee a smooth first experience. Supervised by experienced instructors, your little skiers will develop with confidence and pleasure, while awakening their passion for the mountains.

What makes this beginners’ area unique is, of course, its breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. As young (and not-so-young) skiers gain confidence and explore the slopes, they’ll marvel at the majestic panorama stretching out before them. It’s an invitation to connect with the grandeur of the mountain from their very first steps on the snow.

Fun areas, games and snow activities

Beyond skiing, Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc offers a multitude of play areas for days full of laughter and discovery. Specially designed snow parks invite you to glide in new forms: sledges, buoys, toboggan carpets and other winter pleasures.

Your children become adventurers, exploring fun trails and modules adapted to their desires. Snowy games, sculptures and animations help create a festive and magical environment, where memories are formed as laughter and smiles abound.

An exciting ski-adventure course awaits young skiers eager for new sensations. Ready to discover? Join us for a sequence of banked turns, whoops, jumps, marmot slalom, arches and banging chimes…

Situated in an open, sunny landscape, the Charlotte la Marmotte “spot” becomes the ideal playground for families in search of joy and adventure. Its easy access is a major asset: skiers and pedestrians can reach it with ease from the arrival of the Mont-d’Arbois gondola.

Snow games and inviting picnic areas invite families to have fun and create unique memories. Toboggans await budding little adventurers, while comfortable sofas let you relax while gazing at Mont-Blanc.

Green & Blue Course Trails accessible to all

For families looking to share some fun on the slopes, the green and blue runs offer safe, accessible options. Green runs are ideal for confidence-seeking beginners, with gentle inclines and wide spaces. The blue runs, meanwhile, are the perfect playground for progressing as a family.

You’ll share quality moments while enjoying the alpine scenery. Each at their own pace, you’ll explore the snowy slopes in complete serenity, creating lasting memories of complicity and sharing.

All that’s left for you to do is discover the piste map and prepare for your next family excursion on skis!

A magical winter for the whole family

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc stands out for its commitment to offering memorable winter vacations for families. With the Espace Débutant du Mont d’Arbois, dedicated ski schools, play areas and green and blue runs, every member of the family finds their place in this alpine paradise. Here, the values of safety, discovery and fun combine to create a magical winter, where every smile, every laugh and every wonder become chapters in a family history rich in memories. Join us for exceptional winter adventures, where family skiing becomes a tradition handed down from generation to generation.

Slide with Ski Schools In complete safety

The Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc ski schools are trusted partners for your children’s learning. Our instructors, passionate about their work, pass on their love of skiing while guaranteeing safe progress. Thanks to these professionals, your little skiers will develop their skills, gain in confidence and share moments of joy on the snowy slopes.

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc as a family Glisse Mountain Thermalism Bien-vive