Le Fayet multimodal transport hub

Transport and mobility in Saint-Gervais Getting around the region made easy

At the foot of Mont Blanc,the commune of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, with its multiple market towns staggered between 590 and 1500 meters above sea level, is faced with complex mobility issues. With its many villages scattered at different altitudes, getting around Saint-Gervais is largely dependent on efficient means of transport.

The challenge of soft mobility in Saint-Gervais

With its towns scattered at different altitudes, the movement of inhabitants and visitors in Saint-Gervais is largely dependent on carbon-based means of transport. This reality can no longer continue on the sidelines of the Plan de protection de l’atmosphère (PPA) in place in the Arve Valley, aimed at reducing pollutant emissions, of which transport is a major contributor. Faced with this challenge, thea municipality is committed to completely rethinking daily mobility with a program to change travel habits.

A global mobility scheme

This strategic initiative is part of a global mobility scheme, on a communal and even supra-communal scale, strengthening connections between the various market towns, the rail network and its multimodal exchange hub, and leisure and spa activities. The integration of elevators (valley + inclined) into this network, in addition to electric shuttles to the station and cycling infrastructure, will ensure smooth travel while minimizing environmental impact.


Jean-Marc Peillex
Towards reinvented mobility

We’re completely rethinking Saint-Gervais’ public transport network to meet the needs of all residents, offering a variety of options for commuting, work and leisure, in all seasons.

By bringing towns closer together, reducing car dependency, we’ll promote sustainable mobility so that Saint-Gervais is at the forefront of modernizing mobility while preserving our heritage. Together, we’re building a more connected and accessible future for Saint-Gervais.

Jean-Marc Peillex, Mayor of Saint-Gervais and Vice-President of the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council

The existing mobility offer in Saint-Gervais


  • TGV and TER.
  • Mont Blanc Express Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le Fayet / Vallorcine.
  • Léman Express (Lémanis) Saint-Gervais / Geneva.
  • Bus station & associated services: cabs, car rental, parking (secure bicycle parking set up by the Rhône-Alpes Region, 7 bus spaces, 140 car parking spaces).

Tramway du Mont-Blanc

Line from Le Fayet to Le Nid d’Aigle, 4 to 6 departures/day in winter, 8 to 11 in summer. No operation outside tourist
periods. Connection with lines 81 and 82 + TER Mont-Blanc express.

The lifts

Decongest the departmental road, making it easier for residents of and visitors to the two towns to take advantage of all the commune’s infrastructures, in Le Fayet, Le Bourg, Le Bettex and Saint-Nicolas de Véroce: medical center, swimming pools, ice rink, high school, retirement home, ski area, music school, MJC… while reducing CO2 emissions. The valley elevator and wastewater elevator help support a more sustainable social, tourism and economic fabric in Saint-Gervais.


All BUS offers
  • Facilibus

    8 seasonal routes, 100% zero-emission vehicle fleet

  • Montenbus

    377 stops on the CCPMB territory, corresponding to school transport and LIHSA stops.

    Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 12:15 pm and 1:45 pm to 6:30 pm

    • 151 subscribers domiciled in Saint-Gervais including 76 subscriptions sold by the OT.
    • 16% of requests for journeys on the CCPMB territory have Saint-Gervais as their origin or destination.
  • LIHSA intercity lines

    In 2021, the CCPMB renegotiated improvements to regular routes. Since December 2021, the service has been improved and enhanced with a TAD offer at off-peak times.

    • 4 lines serve Saint-Gervais, Y81/82/84/85, linked to the PEM du Fayet.
  • School transport

    401 pupils domiciled in the commune of Saint-Gervais are registered for school transport every day, i.e. around 15% of pupils in the Pays du Mont-Blanc:

    • 218 middle school pupils
    • 144 high school pupils
    • 1 pupil for the Fayet school, via a shared route with the Varens de Passy middle school service
    • 16 pupils for the Marie Paradis school and the Assomption school, with 2 dedicated routes.
    • 22 pupils for the Mont-Joly school (Saint-Nicolas de Véroce and Gollet), via 1 dedicated double-rotation circuit.

Parking in Saint-Gervais

All public and private parking spaces open to public traffic are free of charge. Motorists may not be charged for parking. To facilitate vehicle rotation, certain sectors have been designated as “ZONE BLEUE”.

The blue zone

Between 9:00 a.m. and 1:8:00 p.m., it is forbidden to park a vehicle on the above-mentioned “ZONE BLEUE” spaces for more than one hour and thirty minutes. This regulation applies every day, including Sundays and public holidays.
In the “ZONE BLEUE”, any driver who leaves a vehicle parked is required to use a parking time control device, commonly known as a “parking disc”.

Find your nearest parking lot in Saint-Gervais

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