Democratic life
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Saint-Gervais town council The whole democratic life of the commune

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Saint-Gervais-les-Bains town hall.
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The democratic life of Saint-Gervais A Committed and Active Community

Saint-Gervais is a community proud of its democratic heritage, where citizen participation is at the heart of our identity. Our beautiful town is the result of a steadfast commitment to democracy, and we would like to share with you a glimpse of our thriving democratic life.

The Municipal Council

At the heart of our democratic life is our Municipal Council, made up of dedicated elected officials committed to serving our community. The Mayor, as Saint-Gervais’ first citizen, leads the Municipal Council and works with its members to make decisions that will shape our future. Municipal Council meetings are open to the public, offering our citizens the opportunity to attend deliberations and contribute to important decisions for our town.

The Conseil des Sages

The Conseil des Sages is a valuable institution in our town, made up of experienced and knowledgeable members. They bring their wisdom and experience to advise the Mayor and City Council on crucial issues. The Conseil des Sages plays an essential role in formulating balanced policies and preserving our rich heritage.

The Children’s Council

The voice of the youngest is also taken into account in Saint-Gervais thanks to the Children’s Council. Made up of children and teenagers, this council enables the younger generations to express themselves, share their ideas and learn the ins and outs of democracy. Their contributions are invaluable in shaping a future that meets their needs and aspirations.

Saint-Gervais Dynamic mountain village

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