The Thermes de Saint-Gervais footbridge
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Discover adventure at the Parc Thermal du Fayet in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

A wild and unspoilt place

Welcome to a world of adventure in the heart of the majestic nature of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. The Parc Thermal du Fayet is much more than just a place to relax. It’s a place where excitement, exploration and well-being come together to create unforgettable memories. Discover why the Parc Thermal is the ideal place for inspiring and unique experiences.


Le Rocher d'Escalade A climbing area for all levels

For climbing enthusiasts, the Parc Thermal climbing rock is an ideal place to practice. Rise above the ground, challenge your courage and test your agility, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, this climbing rock offers routes for all levels.

Contact the guide office for a climbing school. The climbing rock is specially designed to offer a safe mountain experience. Qualified instructors will guide you through the routes and provide you with all the necessary equipment. So you can enjoy the adrenaline of climbing while knowing that your safety is our priority.

This site is also open to self-guided climbing, for trained climbers who know the basics of belaying and good outdoor climbing practices.

Tree climbing at Parc Aventure

Suspend yourself in the treetops at the Parc Thermal adventure park. accrobranche is a thrilling experience for thrill-seekers. Scramble over suspension bridges, traverse zip lines and explore a world of adventure in the canopy of alpine forests. It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge your courage and reconnect with nature.

The adventure park is designed to appeal to the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest. Courses are adapted according to difficulty level, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your adventure. Our experienced instructors will provide detailed instructions to ensure you feel confident every step of the way.

In addition to the excitement of accrobranche, you’ll have the opportunity to observe local flora and fauna from a unique perspective. You might catch a glimpse of rare birds or mountain animals during your adventure in the trees.

Via Ferrata du Parc Thermal A demanding course!

The via ferrata offers a unique experience of safe climbing in a spectacular mountain environment. Cling to rock faces while enjoying panoramic views of snow-capped peaks.

The Parc Thermal via ferrata is an adventure that combines the thrill of climbing with the safety of an equipped route. You’ll be attached to a steel cable throughout the route, allowing you to move confidently up vertical walls.

The Thermal Park via ferrata route is technical and demanding, taking you through breathtaking scenery in the Bonnant Gorge, along rock faces sculpted by erosion. It’s an experience that will make you feel like a real alpine monkey, clinging to your wall, while giving you a good dose of adrenaline with the void beneath your feet.

Warning, complicated via ferrata reserved for initiates

Discover the must-sees Thermes de Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

Revitalize your body

Swim in the thermal pools, treat yourself to a revitalizing massage or relax in the saunas. The Thermes are the perfect way to revitalize your body and mind after an adventure-filled day.

Soothing thermal waters

The waters are rich in health-giving minerals. Take a dip in the thermal pools, treat yourself to a revitalizing massage or relax in the saunas.

Wellness experience

Natural thermal waters have healing properties that have been recognized for centuries, and a visit to the Thermes will allow you to feel their benefits.

The Cascade and the Thermes footbridge

The Thermes waterfall is a natural wonder not to be missed. Pure mountain water flows in majestic cascades, creating an enchanting natural tableau. Take time to relax next to this natural beauty, or take a hike to explore it up close, via the Thermes footbridge: sensations guaranteed!

The Thermes waterfall is a peaceful place where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature. The soothing sounds of flowing water and fresh mountain air make this an ideal place for meditation. You can also choose to follow the footbridge’s hiking trails, which will lead you to even more spectacular vistas – just beware of vertigo!

Le Petit Train du Parc Thermal A playful adventure

If you prefer a more leisurely adventure, hop aboard the Thermal Park’s little train. This kid-friendly trip will take you through the surrounding park while allowing you to relax and admire the view.

The little train is an ideal experience for those who want to explore the surroundings of the Thermal Park without having to walk, and in a fun way. You’ll be accompanied by the driver-guide, who will provide interesting information about the geology as well as the history of the area.

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