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Our athletes

To enable them to excel in their respective disciplines and take part in national and international races and competitions, the commune of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc supports 15 top-level athletes. Skiers, snowboarders, freeriders, traileurs, mountain bikers, skaters, biathletes and runners all train in Saint-Gervais and are the pride of the commune!

Loan BOZZOLO Snowboard cross

Member of the French team, double Junior World Champion in snowboard cross in 2019 and 24th at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games. To his credit, a first World Cup grand final, an 11 th place at the 2022 Olympic Games, 5 times in the top 16, and the title of vice-champion of France 2022. Results that rank Loan 12ᵉ worldwide!

Julia SOCQUET-DAGOREAU Downhill skiing

After four FIS years spent with the Mont-Blanc committee, and thanks in particular to 5 FIS giant podiums (including 2 victories), Julia joined the French alpine ski team’s relief group. With this new step completed, the 2020-21 season was placed under the sign of performance and challenge with the result :

  • 3 FIS giant podiums, including a victory in Les Gets
  • 23ᵉ place at the Hippach European Cup
  • 29ᵉ place at the Livigno European Cup
  • 18ᵉ place at the Junior World Championships in Bansko
  • 32,33 FIS points in giant (10ᵉ French all-category)
  • 42.17 FIS points in slalom

Ambre PERRIER Ice dancing

Ambre is an ice dancer and top-level sportswoman who skated with Joseph Booth until last season. After their separation, the only lasting solution to finding a quality partner was to move to Lyon to join the international ice dance academy, which has produced such great French champions as Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron or Marina Annissina and Gwendal Pezerat.

She had to rebuild everything, and in a very short time. Finding a high school with a high-level sports program, a host family as well as learning about life in the city and taking on the challenge of having a new partner and rebuilding everything, but all the while keeping her license at St Gervais Because it’s her heart Club. Ambre’s day starts in the morning at 4.45 a.m., so she can be at training from 6 a.m. to 7.30 a.m., after which she’s off to classes until 3 p.m. and then training again until 5 p.m.. That’s every day of the week, not counting dance (off ice) and general physical preparation. In all, she does between 15 and 18 h of ice a week plus 3 h of PPG and 1 to 2 H of dance, with high school on the side of course.


Joseph BOOTH Ice dancing

This year, I changed partners and moved to Lyon to train at the Académie Internationale with Olivier Schoenfelder. I remain a member of Saint Gervais Mont Blanc Patinage and keep a link with my former coach Isabelle, and I’m always happy to represent them, as well as the commune of Saint Gervais.

This is a big change for me, and it takes time to get used to skating with a new partner. As this is also our last year in the Cadet category, our aim for this season is to prepare for our move up to Junior level next season, which is a big step. In the long term, my goals are to skate for France in the Junior Grand Prix and to join the senior French team, with a view to the World Championships and the Olympic Games.


Yan VIALLET Freeride skiing

Yan first evolved at the Saint-Gervais Ski Club, cutting his teeth in Alpine Skiing before moving on to Freeride and videos. In 2018 he embarked on the freeride adventure with the Freeride Junior Tour and now the Freeride World Qualifier. In 2019 he came 9th in the overall France Freeride Junior Tour standings. The same year he made a film, “Une Saison à La Maison”, which was screened at the “La B.A” festival in Saint-Gervais and at the “Salon de la Montagne” in Geneva. In terms of competition, Yan wants to try his hand at the “Freeride World Qualifier” circuit to score points and gain access to the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR in the coming years.

“My aim in these competitions is to get the best possible ranking, as this circuit offers me the opportunity to perform more committed tricks (especially head-down tricks). With this commitment I’ll be able to vary my runs, which on the junior circuit wasn’t allowed”

Erwan BIBOLLET Enduro & Downhill mountain biking

A native of Haute Savoie, I live in the commune of Saint Gervais Mont Blanc, where I’ve been mountain biking since the age of 13. Now an ambassador for the area for 2 years to promote MountainBike.

For the past 5 seasons, I’ve had a contract with the “Ride and Performance” training structure, which plans and organizes my training. I love competition and I love pushing my limits, so after 4 years of enduro racing, 2 of which were under a semi-pro contract, I decided to turn to a discipline that gives me the adrenaline fix I need, DH.

“DH makes me happy, I love striving for performance through the improvement of body, machine and strategy. If I had to describe myself in 1 quote, it would be “Make your life a dream and your dream a reality”

Elise Poncet Athletics

Elise specializes in mountain running, and has been on the ministerial high-level lists for 3 years. Elise is a top performer in her disciplines, being runner-up in the individual world championships in 2019, world team champion in 2019, 6th in the Europes in 2018 and European team champion in 2018. Her goals: to take part in the French cross-country championships, the mountain running world cup circuit, and the French and European mountain running championships.

Stephen Roux Trail Running

Stephen is one of the new 2021 recruits to the Saint-Gervais sports team. Stephen varies distances between 20 and 170 km. As well as being a very good runner, he is also the organizer of races such as the Montag’hard and the summer Diagonales du Mont-Joly in saint-Gervais. He came 5th in the Challenge Nature Trail Megève in 2020, was finisher (50th) of the GRAND RAID de la Réunion in 2019, 2ᵉ of the Mountain Hard China in 2018. His results in 2021:

  • 110 Km of the Corfu Mountain Trail: 1st
  • 24 Km of the Duo des Fiz: 1st with my brother
  • 170 Km of the UTMB: 35ᵉ in 25 h 59 best time for a Saint-Gervolain

César Beauvais Biathlon

Born of a French father and a Belgian mother, this dual nationality enabled me to join the Belgian Francophone Ski Federation and take part in my first world championships in Romania at the age of 15. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve loved sport and my passion has been cross-country skiing, and biathlon in particular.

Since I was 15, I’ve been racing on 3 circuits: the World Cup in relay and individual races, the IBU Cup and the Junior World Championships.

I’m passionate about all sporting activities and to be able to compete with the best in the world, a diversity of training is essential: mountain, wheel skiing and running… So I take full advantage of my chance to live at the foot of Mont Blanc!

Simon Gosselin Trail Running

Practicing sports since I was a child, it was only natural that I wanted to work and develop in this field. Thanks to my endurance sports background, I was quickly confronted with the demands of top-level sport in road cycling and then currently in trail running.

With the aim of sharing and creating a collective dynamic, 3 years ago, in parallel with my sporting career, I created Team Matryx, a structure dedicated to top-level athletes, of which I am the trainer. My vision as an athlete is, in addition to the pursuit of performance, to be able to defend values through sport such as responsible performance, both in human and environmental terms. That’s why I’m particularly happy to be associated with local and French partners!

Tristan Serre Alpine Skiing

My name is Tristan Serre, I’m a top-level alpine skier and I compete at international level on the FIS circuit. Since 2020, I’ve been part of the Comité Mt-Blanc’s Relève team.

I’ve been a member of the St Gervais ski club since 2016. My apprenticeship as a young competitor was at the Contamines ski club. Thanks to encouraging results, I joined the annualized competition support structure of the Saint-Gervais ski club, which helped me to progress and pass the different levels between categories.

I was injured at the end of the 2017 season during the Coq d’or (U14 National Championship), a fracture of the tibial plateau and lesions on the anterior cruciates hampered my summer preparation. During the 2019 season and again an injury at the start of the season, I maintained my efforts to progress and my tenacity during competitions. Thanks to encouraging results, but also to the support of my coaches, I was able to join the Comité Mt-Blanc’s Relève group to give a new dimension to my sport: High-Level Alpine Skiing. At that point, I entered the Pôle Espoir Ski class at Le Fayet.

My first season (2020-2021) of competition on the international FIS level went well despite a complicated preparation and racing context linked to the Covid and very high competition:

  • 86.78 points fis giant (6th 2004 French)
  • 95.35 points fis giant (5th 2004 French)
  • 102.81 points fis slalom (4th 2004 French)
  • 108.87 points fis slalom (7th 2004 French)