Seniors in Saint-Gervais
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  • The bridge club meets on Monday afternoons from 2:30 pm in the local life pole room.
  • Thefriendship club meets on Thursday afternoons from 1:30 pm in the local life hub room, for games…
  • The secours Catholique meets on Friday afternoons from 1:45 pm in the local life hub room for games, DIY…

Establishment Ehpad Le Valmontjoie


  • 78 places for dependent elderly people
  • 2 places for temporary accommodation
  • 6 places for day care. It has an Alzheimer’s unit
  • A 14-studio Petite Unité de Vie.



139, montée de la Forclaz
74 170 Saint-Gervais les bains
TEL: 04 50 78 00 54

Home care

In the commune of Saint-Gervais Les Bains, the ADMR Valmontjoie association works with elderly and disabled people, as well as with families, providing support (toilet help, meal preparation, outings, games, etc.) and maintenance (housing, laundry, etc.). The association has agreements with the Conseil départemental and several pension funds to set up funding dossiers. You can contact them directly.


ADMR Valmontjoie

235, avenue de Miage
74 170 Saint-Gervais les bains
Tel :

Meals on wheels

The commune organizes home delivery of meals for Saint Gervolains over 60. Meals are delivered on a cold delivery basis (tray to be reheated) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for 7 meals a week. A meal consists of a starter, a main course (meat or fish, vegetable or starch), cheese, dessert and soup. Menus are established for 2 consecutive weeks, with the possibility of making changes according to taste, or taking dishes in addition to soup for the evening. Please contact the Pôle VIe Locale for any information or registration.


Saint Gervais Town Hall

Pôle Vie Locale
Tel: 04 50 47 78 79

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