Video surveillance in Saint-Gervais
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Video surveillance in Saint-Gervais Guaranteeing your safety and protecting our charming community

Discreet presence, effective security

Our video surveillance system is designed to be discreet and effective. Cameras are strategically positioned in key areas of the town, enabling continuous surveillance of public spaces. This dissuasive presence is a valuable means of preventing incidents and maintaining public order.

Reducing Delinquency

Video surveillance helps to reduce crime, prevent theft, acts of vandalism, and undesirable behavior. In addition, it promotes road safety by monitoring compliance with the rules of the road, thereby enhancing the safety of pedestrians and drivers.


Reactivity and Assistance

In the event of an incident, video surveillance enables local authorities to react more quickly. Images captured by cameras can be used to solve investigations and provide crucial evidence. This means we can react more quickly to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.


Environmental and wildlife protection

In addition to security, video surveillance helps protect our natural environment and wildlife. It monitors sensitive areas of our commune, deterring acts of degradation and preserving the beauty of our natural environment.


Transparency and privacy

We place great importance on transparency and privacy. Cameras are installed in compliance with current regulations, and data is handled with the utmost care. Our aim is to guarantee security without encroaching on the privacy of our citizens.

Video surveillance in Saint-Gervais is an essential tool for preserving our quality of life and guaranteeing everyone’s safety. We invite you to explore our website further to learn more about this device, our data protection measures, and how we work to keep our commune safe, pleasant and preserved. Your safety and well-being are our top priority.

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