Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc ski area
©Boris Molinier


For the passage of ski slopes

The Commune pays compensation for cross-country and downhill ski trails on private property, after signing an agreement.

An agreement between the Town Hall and the owners

The establishment of this document is based onPrefectoral decree n°PREF/DRCL/BAFU/2019-0051 of July 10, 2019 instituting an easement under the Tourism Code for the Saint-Gervais les Bains ski area (Saint-Gervais Mont-d’Arbois / Saint-Nicolas Mont-Joly side) in order to ensure the passage, development, maintenance and operation of ski runs, artificial snowmaking, terrain overflight and ski lift towers.

Compensation is based on an annual payment according to a tariff set by municipal decree.

For further details, those concerned are invited to contact the Town Hall’s Urban Planning and Land Department on 04-50-47-54-74 or by email at

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