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The Fonds Air Bois financial assistance is aimed at all individuals who wish toreplace their wood-burning appliance (pre-2002 or open fireplace) in their primary residence (completed more than 2 years ago) located in one of the 41 communes within the Arve Valley Atmosphere Protection Plan. The old wood-burning appliance can be replaced by a more efficient appliance or by a thermal renewable energy with a heating function.

It is also a reminder that as of January 1, 2022, the use of open fireplaces is banned! This ban concerns all open hearth wood-burning appliances (an open hearth wood-burning appliance is considered to be any fireplace or installation whose hearth burns wood freely without an enclosure designed to confine combustion to improve efficiency), including auxiliary or amenity ones, whatever the type of housing (primary residences, second homes, tourist accommodation, …) or the type of public and private building.

For further information or to download the application form, please visit the SM3A website, or contact them on 04-50-25-24-91 or by e-mail at fonds-air-bois@sm3a.com

Help for family hotels

The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region provides assistance for the creation, renovation or modernization of tourist accommodation. To consult the terms and conditions of this assistance, click on the button below.

Energy renovation Caserénov

You want to improve the comfort of your home, reduce your energy bill, add value to your home, help combat climate change?

Get the CaseRénov reflex, the Communauté de Communes Pays du Mont-Blanc (CCPMB) energy renovation support service offering help and support.

CaseRenov provides an aid guide to enable you to estimate the aid available depending on your income situation:very modest, modest, intermediate and high.

Facade restoration

The Commune of Saint-Gervais has updated the amount, perimeters and conditions for granting financial assistance for facade restoration. The sectors eligible for this assistance are as follows:

  • Le Fayet sector
    • Section of Route Départementale 1205 between the ROSSET warehouse and the SERMET garage.
    • La route de Saint-Gervais, between the Thermes traffic circle and the Passy boundary.
    • L’allée Gontard between the Parc Thermal entrance and the school restaurant.
    • L’impasse des 2 gares, rue des Ecoles, rue de la Gare, and rue de la poste.
  • Bourg area
    • L’avenue du Mont-Paccard and l’avenue du Mont-d’Arbois (section from T.M. bridge.B bridge to the Diable bridge)
    • The avenue de Miage between the Gontard traffic circle and the intersection with the rue Panloup
    • The impasse de la Cascade between the Route Départementale 902 and the skating rink stairs
    • The rue du Berchat, the rue du Mont-Lachat, the rue de la Comtesse, rue du Mont-Blanc, rue de la Vignette between rue du Mont-Blanc and impasse Montjoux, impasse Montjoux, rue Montjoie, rue du Vieux Pont, route de la Mollaz up to the intersection with impasse des Lucioles and part of impasse des Lucioles


  • Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce area
    • Route de Saint-Nicolas between the church and the intersection with route de la Croix
    • Le chemin des Bouquetins between the intersection with route de Saint-Nicolas and the property located at 1112 chemin des Bouquetins


  • Bionnassay sector
    • Hameau.

    Extension of perimeters to the entire Commune territory for hotels. This aid amounts to 20% of the value of the work, including tax, capped as follows:

    • for buildings with up to 2 dwellings (with or without shops): €2,000
    • for buildings with more than 2 dwellings (with or without shops): €2,000 + €250 per dwelling from 3ᵉ
    • for buildings with no dwellings (shops/crafts): €2,000.

    The terms and conditions for granting assistance are as follows:

    • Minimum intervention every 10 years, not giving rise during this period to renewal of the aid
    • repair of the 4 facades + roof (if the latter is in good condition, particularly its color, it will not be retained)
    • intervention on existing buildings that have not given rise in the last 10 years to
    • background restructuring, whether or not accompanied by extensions (which excludes new buildings or those
    • refurbished or transformed with the sale of the surface areas concerned)
    • excluding buildings that have received public aid
    • for tourist hotels, aid is granted if the structure has been in existence for more than 10 years, in activity and up to date with tourist tax
    • work to be carried out on the basis of a prior opinion from the Commune’s colorist architect
    • aid within the limits of the budget for the current financial year
    • prior approval from the Commune on the basis of a written request from the owner, or his representative,
    • accompanied by a plot plan, an estimate of the work to be carried out by the company, photographs of the facades before restoration
    • validity of the Commune’s 6-month agreement to carry out the work
    • administrative authorization in the event of regulatory necessity
    • payment of aid on presentation of receipted invoices from the companies, accompanied by photographs of the renovated facades
    • for work carried out by the owner of the building, communal aid is calculated on the cost of supplies, presented by invoice accompanied by photographs of the renovated facades.
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