Village center with covered parking
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Classification of municipal roads

Par délibération du 11 octobre 2006, Le Conseil Municipal a procédé au classement de la voirie communale. To consult this classification, click on the following sector concerned:

Regulation of tonnage on the entire road network of the territory

Bymunicipal order n°DST 2018/148/NP of November 13, 2018, Monsieur le Maire has set the tonnage limit for tarred roads and unpaved paths.

Road numbering


Street numbers are determined by municipal services, and concern all buildings, with the exception of annexes such as garages, garden sheds…, located alongside public or private roads. The numbering procedure may concern a new building, an existing building without a civic number, or a building subdivided into several lots (apartments, shops…).

The town of Saint-Gervais les Bains adopted metric numbering in 1984. Explanation: the number assigned corresponds to the number of meters measured from the beginning of the lane; even numbers are on the right-hand side of the lane when your back is turned to the beginning of it, and odd numbers are on the left-hand side; the beginning of a lane corresponds to the end located at the shortest distance as the crow flies from the Town Hall.

Obtaining a civic number and a numbering certificate

As soon as the Urbanisme department receives your building permit, it forwards a copy to the Town Hall’s design office, which is responsible for metric numbering.

A numbering certificate is then sent to you by post, which is also forwarded by us to the Commune’s Service des Eaux, the Cadastre de Bonneville and the Post Office. It is then up to you to distribute this information to various organizations, such as Enedis, the fire department, INSEE… It is advisable to keep this certificate, which is required for certain real estate transactions, for entries in the commercial register…

In parallel, the design office takes care of ordering your plate, which is financed by the Collectivité for an initial request. After a period of 6 months, it’s up to you to collect it from the design office.

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