Overview of the village of Saint-Gervais
©Boris Molinier
Lower taxes

Communal tax rates

The Mayor and the municipal majority keep their promises

Communal rates are reduced to neutralize the increase in tax bases (rental values) decided unilaterally each year by the State (+1% in 2016). As a result, the municipal share of housing and property taxes remains identical in current €, which in constant € corresponds to a decrease since inflation is not passed on.

An ideal business model to support local dynamism

At Saint-Gervais, the drop in state subsidies has been anticipated for several years, which has led elected officials to ask departments to rationalize and reduce general expenses in the operating budget by 5% a year, and to seek alternative subsidies and funding.

Less taxes and more services, it’s possible, as demonstrated by the opening of new facilities such as the indoor swimming pool opened in 2012, the Marie Paradis school refurbished in 2015, the future crèche in 2017, etc.

Subsidies to associations have also been maintained to support the dynamism of local initiatives.

Many local authorities and even the State could take a leaf out of our economic model.


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