Organizing your exhibition in the Geo Dorival hall

Organizing your show

The commune of Saint-Gervais makes available to artists wishing to exhibit their work, the Salle Géo Dorival, located in the town center.

What you need to know

  • The hall is on loan, throughout the year, for a period of between one and three weeks.
  • In return, the artist is asked to donate a work to the commune at the end of the exhibition.
  • Exhibiting artists must ensure the opening and closing of the hall as well as permanence with the public at times of their choosing.
  • The sale of works is authorized on site.

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete the application form below.

To enclose with the application

  • Note presenting the exhibition project.
  • A book or images of the works presented.
  • A short biography.
  • The desired exhibition dates.

Response time

For exhibitions running from summer to autumn, applications must be sent in by April 30 of the year; for those running from winter to spring, applications must be sent in by August 30 of the previous year.

Exhibition projects are submitted to the heritage commission twice a year.

The response time following your request may take several months.

If your application is accepted
Administrative section
  1. You will need to be insured and provide a certificate of civil liability.
  2. You will also need to sign the agreement for the use of the geo dorival hall which will be sent to you.
  • Varnishing date and time to be agreed with the department.
  • Pot is the artist’s responsibility.
  • Tables may be made available.

You’ll need to supply:

  • An A3 poster in JPEG format: The Tourist Office can distribute the posters to various shops and sites in the town. Please provide 80 prints at the artist’s expense, to be deposited at the Tourist Office.
  • An A5 format invitation in jpeg
  • If you wish, it is possible to display the exhibition on the screen inside the Tourist Office. To do so, please provide a jpeg file with the information from the poster in 2600x1734px format.

Terms and conditions

If you are interested in exhibiting, please fill in the form below, enclosing with your application a note presenting the exhibition project, a portfolio (or images of the works presented), a short biography and the desired exhibition dates (approximately 15 days per exhibition).

If your application is accepted, you will need to be insured, provide a civil liability certificate and sign an agreement for the use of the space, which will be sent to you. You’ll also need to send a poster and an invitation to the vernissage; the Saint-Gervais tourist office will be responsible for distributing invitations and organizing the vernissage drinks reception.

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