Hamlet of Bionnassay
©Boris Molinier
Our heritage de Saint-Gervais

Our heritage

For over ten years, the Commune of Saint-Gervais has been actively restoring and promoting its heritage. The churches of Saint-Nicolas de Véroce and Saint-Gervais, hamlet chapels and old fortified houses have all been restored.

A well-maintained local heritage

Heritage is not limited to these grand buildings, it can also be seen in bread ovens, scatterers, old granite ponds, sundials and so on. Known as “vernacular heritage”, it was the subject of an inventory and study carried out by CAUE74 and heritage architect Estelle Jorge in 2020-2021. This non-exhaustive study identifies and characterizes all of the commune’s heritage. It sheds cultural light on these buildings and proposes principles for their upkeep.

Following this inventory and study, which identified these types of heritage and their pathologies, the commune approached the Fondation du patrimoine to suggest a partnership and encourage heritage restoration through advice and tax and financial advantages.

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